In the beginning…

For decades I’ve lived in Virginia’s piedmont on a farm that’s been in my family for almost 70 years. Even with half a lifetime of wandering the the 250 acres of fields and forested hillsides, I am still constantly surprised by the variety of life found in the landscape. No matter what scale – from the microscopic to the panographic – it’s abundance is astonishing.

This site is an attempt to document as many of the different forms of life as possible  within the boundaries of my family’s farm. Nothing too technical, just old school natural history. It is also an excuse. With jobs, children, parents, friends I’ve been spending less and less time outside. This project gives me a reason to get back into nature with a camera in my hand. Primarily I plan to focus on fauna. The thought of documenting the farm’s flora at the same time is honestly overwhelming. Will that change in the future? Who knows, life is uncertain.

I am also a historian by training, so my zoological skills are amateurish at best. Don’t hesitate to let me know if something has been mislabeled or misidentified.






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